Welcome to Two Stops Apparel! 

First of all to give you a small peak behind the curtain of this small little business, my name is Nick. You may known me or find me as NickExposed on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. Much like you, assuming you intended to find yourself on this website, I have a love for all things film photography related. In fact as I write this About page I have 5 rolls of freshly developed film drying on a line to my left and a roll of 645 negatives scanning to my right.

I've wanted to launch Two Stops for quite some time now, and started off doing small campaign runs on Teespring at the beginning of this year (If you are one of the initial 200 that purchased the first shirts, thank you!! I couldn't do this without you). 

I tend to design for myself first and foremost. Essentially I design tee's that I want to have in my closet and then share them with others so they can get them if they want them. However, I am open to ideas, so if theres a shirt you would like created, reach out and let me know. 

Please know that I value your business, and respect very much the incredible community we have in the Analog Film world. I am extremely approachable so shoot me a message sometime and lets chat film, gear, photography & art!