"Sketches of Light" zine

"Sketches of Light" zine - Two Stops Film Photography Apparel

Sketches Of Light is a collection of photographic studies; of light, shape, texture and mood, created and edited solely on my iPhone. Often throughout the day I find myself enthralled by the light piercing over an object, hypnotized by the abstractions created by isolating elements of a scene. However, when stuck without a "proper" camera, my phone has become a sort of pocket sketch book, a catch all for these tales of light and shadow. Thus, the ongoing collection of sketches of light.

At 48 pages and 5.5 by 3.5 inches, Sketches of Light is designed to mimmic the commonly used pocket notebooks. With the same craft paper cover, and uncoated inner pages, its like getting a view into my personal visual journal. The moments that grab me and demand to be photographed, even when my standard photography equipment is not at hand.

I am doing an initial printing of just 100 copies, with no definite promise of a second printing or further. 

• 5.5 x 3.5 inches 
• 48 Pages (24 spreads)
• Full bleed black and white images
• Softcover
• Printed locally in Michigan
• Pre-Orders will be Signed by the artist

Pre-Orders are scheduled to ship no later than February 17th 2018